South Florida is one of the most beautiful places to live and work in the United States. However, life here is not without its challenges. Climate change creates a host of issues that includes, but is not limited to, sea level rise, King Tide events (a.k.a. sunny day flooding), and increased storm surge resulting from more powerful storms. The South Florida Regional Planning Council staff aids in understanding the challenges occurring in our local area, as well as experience with understanding the best possible resiliency practices, and mapping the changing shoreline.

As part of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, the Council actively participates in climate change related pre-planning and coordinating efforts across Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach Counties. It prepares for social, environmental and economic disturbances related to changes in climate, such as sea level rise, flooding and more. Additionally, Council staff provides climate change resilience technical assistance to municipalities throughout the Region.

The SFRPC keeps up-to-date on the latest conversation of coastal resilience and science in the South Florida area.