Project Description

A light blue solid bold letters R, T, and A South Florida Regional Transportation Council Logo.

The Council is a member of the Tri-Rail Coastal Link Executive Committee organized to expand passenger rail service and connect it to all other transportation modes in the Region. We also provide specific planning services to the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority and the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization.

  1. The Council provides continuous regional planning assistance to the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority. Activities include assistance with public outreach on transit oriented development, coordination with local governments and strategic activities to advance the missions of both organizations.
  2. The South Florida region is 97 % percent dependent on private auto for mobility and that number will need to be reduced to 65% over the next 50 years.
  3. The project insures that regional transportation planning is continuously coordinated with the regional transportation planning.
  4. The project activities are posted on the website of the SFRTA (

News & Presentations

  • Railvolution 2020 Presentation ~ Christina Miskis of Council staff presented at the virtual conference of Railvolution 2020. Railvolution is an annual conference and network that brings together practitioners, leaders and advocates from transportation, land use and development to further the success of transit. The Council presentation on Transit Oriented Development in the Coastal Link Corridor is in partnership with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, which was extended an invitation by the Federal Transit Administration.