The membership of Florida’s ten Regional Planning Councils consist of county and municipal elected officials, gubernatorial appointees, and ex-officio members from the Florida of Department Economic Opportunity, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the Water Management Districts. The Councils support the region’s elected leaders and public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders through regional, collaborative planning and the development and implementation of programs and strategies shaping a better future for Florida.

Each Council has three appointments to the FRCA Policy Board.  South Florida is represented by Chair Bailey, Vice Mayor Udine, and Councilmember Leonard.

Mario Bailey in a dark suit and red tie over an out of focus background

Mario Bailey


Michael Udine, Councilmember

Broward County Vice Mayor

Jordan in a dark suit, red tie, with a US flag in the background

Jordan Leonard, SFRPC Secretary

Town of Bay Harbor Islands


Each regional planning council is like a bridge between state and local governments representing an area in which mutual resources, characteristics, and issues exist. Your regional planning council includes members from the counties and municipalities located in your region’s planning district and gubernatorial appointees who represent the state.

Florida’s regional planning councils are multi-purpose organizations, charged with accomplishing the following:


Florida’s regional planning councils bring together a variety of viewpoints from various jurisdictions, agencies, and private interests to focus on regionally shared issues such as transportation, planning, economic development, emergency preparedness, housing, infrastructure, and community development.


Florida’s regional planning councils were commissioned under Chapter 186, Florida Statutes, to provide comprehensive planning and intergovernmental coordination for managed, responsible growth. In 1985, a series of laws known as “The Growth Management Act” directed regional planning councils to adopt regional policies as part of Florida’s integrated growth management process. Your regional planning council reviews local plans in your region to make sure they complement one another and are consistent with the regional standards defined in the Strategic Regional Policy Plan.



Florida’s regional planning councils are dedicated to providing technical assistance and support to meet the needs of their member local governments.  Both the state and local governments often lean on the regional planning councils to provide assistance in the areas of economic development, emergency planning and transportation.  Additionally, many programs are implemented at the regional level and housed within the regional planning council resulting in an overall administrative cost savings.


Florida’s regional planning councils foster information exchange across jurisdictional lines. Regional planning councils provide a convenient information resource for public and private interests region-wide.


Florida’s 10 regional planning councils work collectively as a statewide network by pooling their efforts to protect and enhance the quality of life in Florida. The Florida Regional Councils Association (FRCA) meets monthly to exchange information about regional activities and works with the state and other public organizations to further regional coordination and planning.