Project Description

Pursuant to Chapter 380, Florida Statutes, Regional Planning Councils are charged with the coordination of multi-jurisdictional agency review of large-scale development projects, which may impact more than one County. These projects, known as Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs), are typically complex and require input from numerous reviewing agencies. The South Florida Regional Planning Council maintains a very active DRI program.

Beginning in July 2009, Section 380.06(29), FS, exempts new developments in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties from participation in the DRI Program, as long as the developments are not within two miles of the boundary of the Everglades Protection Areas as described in Section 373.4592.  Existing DRIs and ones that were undergoing review in July 2009 may continue in the Program or elect to discontinue participation.

DRI Review Fees

Type of Review Review Fee Applicable Fee Rule
Florida Administrative Code (FAC)
Preliminary Development Agreement (PDA) No charge
Pre-Application Conference for new DRI,
FQD, or Substantial Deviation
$15,000 deposit ($5,000 non-refundable) Rule 9J-2.0252(2), FAC
Application for Development Approval (ADA)
for new DRI, FQD, or Substantial Deviation
Actual cost of staff review; $20,000 deposit required. Rule 9J-2.0252(2)(a), FAC
Notice of Proposed Change (NOPC) $2,500  – plus any additional fee necessary to cover
actual staff costs
Rule 9J-2.0252(6), FAC
Annual or Biennial Report $350 Rule 9J-2.0252(6), FAC
Notification of 3 year extension of an Existing Development Order No charge
Abandonment of DRI Development Order No charge
Rescinding of DRI Development Order No charge
Essentially Built Out Agreement No charge
Binding Letter, Binding Letter of Vested Rights Determination ,or Clearance Letter
submitted to DCA
No charge

Link to Rule 9J-2.0252 FAC – DRI Review Fee Rule  (PDF)

Duplication of DRI Records Fee
Photocopies or scanned images of DRI documents (in PDF format) 15 cents/page for black and white letter size copies (Please contact SFRPC for color and other sizes.)
Copies of previously scanned documents (including Development
Orders and Annual/Biennial Reports)
$5 per document
Copies of Audio recordings from DRI meetings $10 per CD
Copies of Sufficiency Review Statements of Information
Needed (SIN) (PDF format)
No charge (current project only)
Copies of Council Agenda Items  (PDF format) No charge (current year only)

South Florida Regional Planning Council maintains a database that shows development orders for Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. The database was developed in cooperation with Florida Department of Transportation Districts IV and VI.

Each project has a record for the original development order and additional records for subsequent amendments, including substantial deviations and notices of proposed change (NOPCs). Projects are listed alphabetically by name. The development order date indicates the sequence of amendments for each project. As changes are cumulative, it is recommended to review all records for each project sequentially.

In addition, the database includes records for proposed DRIs and amendments to existing projects. These records do not have a development order number and date.

Please click here to download a glossary of fields used in the database (PDF)

Please click here to download the DRI Database in a viewable format

For questions about the DRI Database please contact our DRI Coordinator at South Florida Regional Planning Council (954)985-4416.

Disclaimer: South Florida Regional Planning Council has attempted to ensure accuracy of all data presented on this site. However, users are cautioned that data provided may be incomplete and should be verified with Development Orders recorded in public records. Please advise Council staff if you identify any errors so that we may correct them.

Review applicable Florida Statutes (Ch. 380, Part I) and
Florida Administrative Code (Ch. 9J-2 through 9J-3, and 9J-28; Ch. 28-9 through 28-11, and 28-24).