Florida Power and Light (FPL) submitted a Site Certification Application to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on June 30, 2009. If approved, the application would allow FPL to expand nuclear energy production at its Turkey Point facility in Miami-Dade County. The proposed project consists of the construction of two new 1,100 megawatts (mW) nuclear units, 6 and 7, and supporting facilities, as well as the placement of new transmission lines. The State of Florida would license both the transmission lines and new electrical power plants in one proceeding pursuant to the State Power Plant Siting Act (PPSA), Chapter 403, Part II, Florida Statutes (F.S.).

The two nuclear generating units with supporting buildings, facilities and equipment are proposed to be located due south of the existing Turkey Point units, on a parcel currently within the industrial wastewater /cooling canal system. Associated facilities proposed in or around the new or existing plant units include parking areas; a nuclear administration and training building; a reclaimed water treatment facility and treated reclaimed water delivery pipelines; radial collector wells and delivery pipelines for cooling water backup; and an equipment barge unloading area. A new electrical substation (Clear Sky) will be constructed on the Turkey Point site. A 230-kV transmission line also will be needed to connect the new substation to the existing substation on the plant property.