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Climate Change Community Toolbox

“Global Climate Change” refers to a changing of the earth’s environment as we know it today due to the scientifically documented warming of the earth.  Increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions, both naturally occurring and emissions resulting from the human use of fossil fuels, are causing this warming.

The awareness of global climate change and the certainty that it is a reality has crystallized during the past twelve months. Concerns about reducing and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to potential climate change impacts are now central to the discussion of politicians, business people and citizens alike in the State of Florida and beyond.  In Florida , these concerns are translating into increased action at the state, regional, and local levels.

Planning has its place in climate change preparedness.  While the public sector’s focus to date has principally centered on action plans that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is also a need for adaptation planning to prepare communities to respond to the impacts of climate change, some of which will be caused by greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere.

The “Climate Change Community Toolbox” was prepared by the Council at the request of the Miami-Dade County Climate Change Advisory Task Force.  It was made possible through the generous support of the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

The Toolbox is designed to help decision-makers understand how to carry out adaptation planning, how to conduct analyses of specific sectors and issue areas as the basis for focused response strategies and actions, and presents examples of adaptation planning options.  It is expected that the Toolbox will assist communities in South Florida and throughout Florida to move forward and translate concern about global climate change into sound planning, policy and action.

Specifically the toolbox consists of three components:

  1. Three plain language and visually interesting fact sheets that summarize the impacts of climate
    change on Miami-Dade County ’s economy, community and environment.  These are designed
    as public information pieces.
  2. A sea level rise map atlas that contains maps to aid Miami-Dade County’s Climate Change
    Advisory Task Force in understanding the magnitude and geography of potential sea level rise
    impacts to the County as well as what future these impacts may mean for infrastructure and land
    use planning.  The maps allow viewers to ascertain which areas of Miami-Dade County are
    generally more vulnerable to sea level rise than others as well as which areas are likely to
    experience substantial coastal wetland loss by 2100.
  3. A compendium of adaptation resources containing the most current and relevant adaptation
    processes, strategies, options and examples drawn from national and international sources.

Climate Change Fact Sheets

Climate Change and the Economy
Climate Change and the Environment
Climate Change and the Community