Council Membership

The South Florida Regional Planning Council is organized under the authority of Chapter 186, Florida Statutes. In the Council, Broward County and Miami-Dade County are represented by three elected official members and Monroe County is represented by two elected official members. The members are selected from the representative governing body. Monroe has one additional elected official member and Broward and Miami-Dade have two additional elected official members from general purpose municipal governments appointed by the member government. The Governor of the State of Florida appoints a maximum of six voting members with each County entitled to a minimum of one appointment by the Governor. The Governor also appoints certain ex-officio, non-voting members to the Council from the Department of Transportation; the Department of Environmental Protection; a member nominated by Enterprise Florida, Inc. and the Office of Tourism, Trade and Economic Development; and the South Florida Water Management District. All appointees are eligible for reappointment. Each voting member on the Council has an equal vote, and members serve three-year terms, which are staggered. No Council member may serve more than three consecutive three-year terms.

Member Responsibilities

The South Florida Regional Planning Council is a planning and public policy agency. The policy document, which guides all of the Council’s activities, is the Strategic Regional Policy Plan for South Florida (SRPP). Council members are responsible for addressing regional priorities and providing assistance and policy guidance to local governments as supported by the SRPP.

While membership is organized to geographically represent the South Florida region, provide diverse perspectives, and protect various interests, the role of Council members is to consider the regional implication of issues brought before the Council. The ex-officio members serve as a resource to provide information and recommendations in their respective areas of expertise. Unlike elected positions, members of the South Florida Regional Council are limited to an advisory capacity rather than in a directed or regulatory capacity.