The South Florida Regional Planning Council’s mission is to provide state and local policymakers with the information they need to build a better future for South Floridians. Our geographic areas of responsibility encompass Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Monroe County, and all of their municipalities.

Specifically, SFRPC does:

  • Economic Prosperity Planning
  • Environment Protection & Sustainability Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Emergency Management Preparedness
  • Promotes Cross-Jurisdictional Cooperation

Partnerships for the future include:

  • Intergovernmental solutions
  • Local government services
  • Emergency management
  • Economic development
  • Regional visioning

The SFRPC is a regional planning and public policy agency whose mission is to:

  • Work with South Florida’s public, private, non-profit, and civic leadership to create a better future for South Florida
  • Identify short and long term challenges and opportunities which are regional in scope
  • Create and implement strategies and action plans to achieve South Florida’s desired future