Please note that the deadline of June 30, 2017 is now extended to July 21, 2017 for the Planning Services RFQ. 


Planning Services (click for full RFQ)

The SFRPC is seeking professional services to assist in the completion of specific tasks of the South Florida Regional TOD (SFTOD) Pilot Program, a project being implemented in partnership with the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) and the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC). Funding was awarded for SFTOD through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA’s) Transit Oriented Development Planning Pilot Program. The goal of the SFTOD is to leverage significant FTA transit investments by funding planning activities along the Tri-Rail Coastal Link Corridor (TRCL), from Downtown Miami as the southern terminus to Jupiter as the northern terminus. The result of the SFTOD Program will be a transit project that better meets the competitive criteria for federal transit funding. A scope and related tasks and deliverables has already been developed by the partners and funding agency. The SFRPC is seeking responses to four (4) separate RFQs for the following individual tasks, to be completed in collaboration with and coordination with SFRPC and TCRPC staff: affordable housing study services; business plan development services; professional bicycle and pedestrian planning and engineering services; and professional planning and engineering services to conduct a water and wastewater capacity analysis.

Brokerage Services (click for full RFQ)

The SFRPC is seeking a real estate brokerage service to assist in an immediate renegotiation of the SFRPC’s current lease including a reduction in rate, square footage, and/or relocation within the current office park.